About The Blog

Do you…?

¿  Want to know about Pinyin?

¿  Want to know about four tones in Chinese?

¿  Want to know the basic types of strokes in Chinese characters?

¿  Want to know the basic types of components in Chinese characters?

¿  Want to know about successful Chinese learners’ learning experience?

¿  Want to learn Chinese for free?

 If you do, then you are at just the right place!

 Welcome to “The Path to Chinese Characters”!

Why A Blog On Chinese Learning?

Language is a very important part of any culture since it can keep record of and be counted as the reflection of a culture’s evolution and development. There are lots of people who have a strong desire to learn Chinese as their second language, as you do.

What to do here?

My blog will give you access to Chinese language instruction featuring over both reading and writing without the fuss of going to class or paying tuition. Here in “The Path to Elementary Chinese” blog, you will be exposed to instructions on both reading and writing Chinese. As to the reading side, you will learn not only what the pinyin is, but also how the pinyin is formed. You will learn how the twenty-six English letters are pronounced in pinyin and how the four intonations should be pronounced; As to the writing part, you will learn what the writing order is like for every single stroke that forms the Chinese characters, Chinese grammar and Chinese punctuations.

I will also invite some of my American friends, the Chinese majors, to our “classes”. We will be having them to talk about how they learn Chinese and what suggestions they will give to the starters. I will also link you to some Chinese learning blogs and websites, which I find helpful. Oops, I almost forget to mention — there will also be online games to help your learning!

So…your choice?

Enjoy your staying, leave your footprints and come back for weekly updates!

"Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought." ---By Napoleon Hill

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