Dawn Patrol

Awww….Can you guys even believe this is REAL?? They are like cotton candies!!!

stoltz project

I was lucky enough to go flying with my cousin Johnny this morning. We were flying in a Robinson R44. We ventured into the Owyhee Mountains early this morning right at sunrise. Here is a teaser photo… more to follow.

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day. Many thanks to fig and the wasp for the beautiful photographs.

fig and the wasp

Duke Gardens, Durham NC.

Violets in the yard… who knew weeds could be lovely?

Duke Gardens, Durham NC.

With the help of street lamps.

PS. With regard to copyright – all images belong to little ol’ me (the wasp) unless otherwise stated. Be kind and give credit where credit is due.

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10 Exciting Things I Can Now Do After Being Featured on “Freshly Pressed”

Hey guys.. still not class time. I’ve become to love blogging even more these days. Every blogger seeks to be featured or Freshly Pressed. I’ve never been featured as a newbie. But I guess it’s quite normal and should be to be happy and even smug when one gets FP. Here’s a post from A Very Busy Mom. She is so sweet to share with us how her feeling and how her blogging life has become after being FP. Hope you enjoy her post and happy blogging! 🙂

very VERY busy mom

Imagine opening up your email and instead of just the standard Groupons, spammers, and loads of subjects starting with “Re:” (even though you were sick of reading the original email the first time around), you – Joe Shmoe – see page after page of:

[Joe Shmoe] everybody likes you…

[Joe Shmoe] everybody wants to follow you…

[Joe Shmoe] everybody is commenting about you you YOU…

This exact thing happened to me last Friday. Well, the exact same thing except that instead of “Joe Shmoe” it was for my blog very VERY busy mom. And of course it didn’t actually say “everybody.” I just said that to provide myself a little ego boost.

But I kid you not. I was getting a new email practically every minute.

Apparently a post I wrote last month about obsessing over the high price of gas entitled “($ ÷ Gallon) x (Miles ÷…

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Haha.. you guys. I feel so excited today since I’ve spotted this amazing post by a non-Chinese who is living in the city Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China. Check this out to see his interesting and REALLY true(Except the top one on the list is definitely something that Ya’an peole are good at. Not everyone in China does that. This makes me even jealous of him for living in that beautiful city) post about my lovely country. Hope you guys enjoy it. Learn the Chinese culture as you learn the language…Hmm. Happy learning and have fun, guys! 🙂

Instagram Tips and Tricks

Well, this post is not quite related to our Chinese learning topic. But.. I hope you can enjoy this well-organized and clearly delivered post as I do, while learning some really practical tricks of Instagram!!!

her new leaf

I am still obsessed with Instagram – are you? I think it’s a great way to capture small, every-day moments that you might otherwise forget. I love looking back over my photos and remembering when I took them! Here are a few tips for how to make your Instagrams shine.

Use your phone’s camera app to take your photo, then import into Instagram. The built-in camera app has way more capability than the Instagram camera, including zoom, focus, and exposure.

Bonus tip – ever had a photo turn out poorly because your subject was backlit and appeared too dark? On the iPhone, touch and hold your finger on your subject to lock the focus and exposure.

When you bring your photos in from the camera app, you will have the ability to zoom in on your subject – use it! Cut out anything unimportant in the background and showcase the…

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Reblog ` Maybe A Startup in Life?

Above is an encouraging post from Lock, Stock, and Barrel to share with you Chinese learnersI found it this morning in the freshly pressed posts. Many thanks to dghoang for his amazing insights on calling for a startup in life. The post does light my mind up. I also hope it can light up you guys’ Chinese learning.

A Light I got 5141 SW 91st Way Gainesville, FL

A Light to light up you guy’s Chinese learning.

A Light I got for you guys from 5141 SW 91st Way, Gainesville, FL.

I do agree with what dghoang said in the post that if one religiously  follow his passion, he will achieve success. This equally applies to Chinese learning. Stay passionate about this “so-called-difficult” language, don’t give up whenever you feel lost or depressed. Follow religiously you original goal of mastering Chinese. Stay tuned in Chinese learning environment. I don’t see one not going to master Chinese.

There will be light no matter how dark the sky is.

There will always be a beam of light no matter how dark the “sky” is.

A photo taken at 5141 SW 91st Way, Gainesville, FL.

Most of the time. For most people. The fact is that we are always afraid to let go of what we’ve achieved, even for a little while. However, will it hurt if we just put the achievements away and try a brand new startup?

I may be not able to tell you the answer right now. But I would love to hear from you guys, sharing your answers …

The Path to Chinese Learning

The Path to Mandarin Chinese!

A photo taken at 5141 SW 91st Way, Gainesville, FL.

Have you ever had a startup in your life?

Want to share that experience with us?

Your comments and ideas are warmly welcomed from the bottom of my heart!

by Xuan♥.