How to Say “Husky Dogs” in Chinese?

Hey there! Welcome back! I am a dog person. What about you guys?

I LOVE dogs, so today we are going to talk about one of my favorite types of dogs, husky dog.

A Brief Introduction To “Husky Dogs”

Hurry in his favorite seat

Hurry in his favorite seat

Husky is one of the primitive dog types. Husky dogs get their names “husky” because their voices are specially husky.

Husky dogs used to pull sleds in northern regions, but now they have become one of the most popular pet dogs all over the world. They are also well-known for their pretty faces.

My Husky Dog in China

Harry, My little handsome buddy

Harry, My little handsome buddy

The cuuuuuute dog in the picture is my husky dog back in China. His name is Harry. My mother always calls him “Honey” “by accident.” He was born on September.22, 2011. He came to my family when he was only 40 days old, and now he has become a handsome, little buddy.

He is spoiled. So he always “pretends to be angry” when we are too busy to play with him.

Harry in sunglasses

Harry in sunglasses

He is naughty. So he always wants to sit on the driver’s seat in our car.

He is clever. So he has learnt to shake hands before asking for food.

My families love him no matter what he does.

Chinese Characters and Pronunciation for “Husky”

Husky is not a word originally from Chinese, so we Chinese borrowed the English word and translated it according to its pronunciation. Having said that, I guess this must make it a lot easier for you guys to learn the Chinese pronunciation of it. Husky is translated as “哈士奇” in Chinese.

Chinese Characters for Husky

Husky Dogs can speak & sing!!! Is it true???

It is said husky dogs are the breed with the closest genetic relationship with wolves, so they don’t BARK or WOOF as other types of dogs do. Instead, they HOWL like wolves, with a long draw.

They don’t howl with the same tone.  Instead, they adjust and change their tones according to their moods. So people find that it sounds like singing when a husky dog makes a long draw.  

What’s more, husky dogs are clever as I said earlier, so people started to teach them to say various words.

Don’t believe it? Come and check this out! A female husky dog named Mishka say “I LOVE U”!!!

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  by Xuan♥.