Interview with An Advanced-Level Chinese Learner-Part II

Again, happy interviewing time!

Hey there! Still remember our interview with the advanced-level Chinese learner Aaron Miller? Do you find his suggestions from my last post useful and effective for your Chinese learning?

Aaron with His Chinese Friends in Atlanta

Aaron with His Chinese Friends in Atlanta

Today I am back with more of his interview. Besides answering my questions, kind Aaron has also offered a list of online Chinese learning materials for you guys, which have been used all the time during his own Chinese study, which are free and easy to access for any Chinese learners. So please check this out!

Qo7. Do you have any other useful learning methods besides what the teachers use when they learning you and your classmates?

Q08. When there are no Chinese people around, how do you create Chinese environment for yourself?

Q09. What do you think is the most difficult part in your language learning (especially Chinese learning)?

Q10. Aaron, sometimes I feel that my English level goes back. The same thing has also happened to my mother tongue Chinese as well. How does that happen –  you lose a language, even your mother tongue?

Q11. Multi-language ability can be a huge advantage when one looks for a job. Since you can speak so many languages (ps. I know you are learning Taiwan dialect now), what kind of job do you expect to do in the future?

Q12. Since you’ve visited my blog, can you give me some suggestions to improve it as both a native English speaker and an advanced-level Chinese learner?

Well, Aaron said, this is how he creates his Chinese learning environment… 

Check this photo out!

Aaron with His Chinese Friends in Gainesville, Florida

Aaron with His Chinese Friends in Gainesville, Florida

Below is the “gift list” Aaron gave Chinese learners — a list of valuable online learning materials including instant translating websites/dictionaries, Chinese learning center with more than simply the words, radio station official websites with both English and Chinese versions.

Dictionaries: (Click the SCREENSHOT Icon for the website)

Chinese Learning Center: (Click the SCREENSHOT Icon for the website)

Radio Station Official Websites: (Click the SCREENSHOT Icon for the website)

Hope this “gift list” helps! Happy future Chinese learning!

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