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Everyday Expressions I : When You First Meet With Someone

As I said in the last post, the power of listening can not be ignored in learning a language, even though learning by listening is only one part. Before we go into the “systematic” learning of  PinYin (a signal which helps you read and remember Chinese character – this is a definition created on my own for your learning and understanding), I will first teach you guys some basic but really, really practical and useful everyday Chinese expressions with audio recordings of my own. Today’s everyday expressions will cover the theme “when you first meet with someone”.

In the list below, the “strange-looked” characters following every English sentence is the Chinese translation. Since every language has various ways of expressing the same meaning, I picked some of the most commonly used ones. These expressions can really help you impress your foreign friends when you first meet with them.

earplugEvery recording includes two copies of reading: the first one is with a slower speed, while the latter with the normal speed. You can learn by imitating the recordings. First try to pronounce them clearly and correctly first, and then build up your speed with proficiency.

                     Happy learning!

CLICK the links below for recordings!

Hello!        你好!           Slow-Speed Recording         Normal-Speed Recording

Hi!              嗨!                        Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

Nice to meet you.    很高兴见到你。               Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

How are you?         你好吗?                              Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

I’m fine/good.         我很好。                             Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

Thank you.             谢谢你。                               Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

And you?                你呢?                                  Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

What’s your name?             你叫什么名字?              Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

Or   What’ your name?      你的名字是什么?          Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

My name is …      我的名字是。。。                  Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

You are welcome.         不客气。                       Slow-Speed                   Normal-Speed

Or   You are welcome.        不用谢。               Slow-Speed                  Normal-Speed

(I’m) Sorry.          对不起。                                 Slow-Speed                    Normal-Speed

Never mind./ It doesn’t matter.      没关系。    Slow-Speed     Normal-Speed

Happy New Year!           新年快乐!              Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

Good morning!               早上好!                    Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

Good afternoon!           下午好!                     Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

Good Evening!                    晚上好!                Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

See you in a while!            一会儿见!           Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

See you tomorrow!       明天见!                   Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

I am  Chinese.               我是中国人。             Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

I am from China.       我来自中国。              Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

I am  American.        我是美国人。               Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

I am from America.       我来自美国。        Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

That’s so nice of you.     你真好!                Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

I like you!               我喜欢你!                         Slow-Speed             Normal-Speed

I love you!              我爱你!                             Slow-Speed              Normal-Speed 

(The last one is a present expression from Xuan. Learn it,say it fluently and loudly to your lover!)

I love you.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!